About Department



About the department:

The department was established in 1971 - 1972, and the first class graduated from it in the academic year 1974 - 1975. Its establishment was a necessity created by the country's need for specialists in the field of food sciences and biotechnology. The department aims to prepare and graduate scientific cadres specialized in food sciences and biotechnologies, as well as to cooperate with scientific and production institutions, and to hold qualifying courses and scientific seminars within continuing education programs to develop the capabilities of workers in the productive walks, as well as to carry out various scientific research, especially applied, in various axes, including finding cheap alternatives from sources. Unconventional protein for the production of additives, fortified or prepared materials such as the production of protein concentrates, alternative enzymes and auxiliary baby food. The department has developed and the number of graduate students has increased to more than 1500 students in primary studies. Postgraduate studies began to obtain a master’s degree in the academic year 1980-1981, and a large number of students graduated from various food sciences specializations, such as meat, fish, dairy, dates, food proteins, enzymes, microbiology of food, food engineering, food quality evaluation, baby food aid…etc. While the doctoral study began in 1992 - 1993, a number of students graduated in the specialties of meat, dairy, dates and food engineering. Postgraduate studies, both masters and doctorate, are continuing in the department at the present time.

Vision  of department:

Educate and develop undergraduate and graduate students for leadership roles in the food industry, academia, and government, and conduct research that will expand our understanding of the biological, microbiological, chemical, physical, sensory, nutritional and engineering properties of foods and beverages to enhance and palatability of the health-promoting properties of consumer foodstuffs with a particular focus To give added value to raw agricultural products. It is hoped that the Department of Food Science will be a center for teaching, learning, research and consultancy in the field of food science and technology, food quality and human nutrition at both a local and regional level.

Department goals:

  • Qualifying professional graduates in the fields of food sciences and nutrition and providing them with knowledge and skills appropriate to the labor market by providing high-quality academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

  • Developing knowledge in the fields of food science and human nutrition through innovative applied research.

  • Transfer of knowledge through authoring and translating books in the fields of food science and human nutrition, and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of food science and human nutrition.

  • Raising awareness in the community of human nutrition in support of health and disease prevention and the importance of getting rid of wrong dietary patterns.

  • Serving the community and providing technical advice to the manufacturers of food and nutrition officials.

  • Developing continuous training programs for graduates in order to always be on the latest scientific-technological developments in the field of specialization and raise the level of performance.