About the Quality Unit

The Quality Assurance and University Performance Unit is one of the important units in the College of Agriculture at the University of Basra, which contributes significantly to the development of the college’s general strategic policies. He takes his role in establishing quality practices and making them an applied behavior. In order to achieve and sustain excellence in academic and administrative performance, the department, with direct support from the Deanship of the College and the Quality Assurance Department at the university, develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure the continued employment of best practices to improve the educational and research system in all its aspects. The Quality Assurance Department also works in effective cooperation with faculty members, employees, employers and various civil society institutions to implement national and international institutional and program accreditation standards. The Quality Assurance Unit has taken upon itself the implementation of all programs that aim to achieve total quality management, and one of its most important objectives is the continuous endeavor to ensure and improve the quality of university education. In this context, the college seeks to obtain international accreditation to develop plans and programs that will improve its performance and quality of education and keep pace with scientific and technical developments to meet the requirements of the labor market in various fields and agricultural activities.