About soil Department

Establishment of the department:

The department was created after a series of developments and changes that began in 1971-1977, where it was established as a plant production department, and in 1977-78 it started as a soil branch affiliated to the plant production department, then it became an independent department in 1983-1984 under the name of the Soil and Land Reclamation Department and continued as such until 2001 - 2002, when its name and vocabulary were changed to the Department of Soil and Water Sciences. This came in line with the directives of the state, where water resources are of strategic importance in various agricultural, industrial and human consumption sectors and have taken on a great dimension recently after many countries have placed them within their strategic policies in terms of availability and investment. Therefore, there is an urgent need to expand the sciences of soil and water, which cannot be separated as a result of the deterioration of water quality and quantity and the increase in soil problems as a result. Depending on that, the department includes water axes to soil axes within its curricula and vocabulary.

Department Aims:

The department aims to prepare specialized and scientifically qualified cadres knowledgeable in soil and water sciences for the purpose of keeping pace with the development taking place in these fields and participating in finding ways to develop and develop water sources to confront their scarcity and deterioration as a result of Iraq’s low share of the waters of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The department seeks to conduct studies and research that serve the directions of the state in this field through research projects for the department's teaching and graduate students (Master's and Ph.D.) and holding conferences and training courses.

Department Message:

The department's mission is to prepare distinguished agricultural staff, conduct research and studies, adopt modern knowledge and use and disseminate technology in advanced agricultural fields, in order to serve and develop agricultural services and projects in the community.