The College Vision

   The aim of Agriculture College is to be distinguished and more advanced in agriculture sciences and its applications to produce specialized agriculturists. Its candidates should be capable gas be the development plans and fulfillment the market request. The college looking forward to become the best among Arabic and World Agriculture College.

The College mission

     The College mission is to graduate distinguished candidate and to conduct researches and studies using the modern knowledge in agriculture. The other aims are using the last technology in agriculture to develop the agriculture sector and society.    

The aims of College

    The aims of College of Agriculture are the following:

  1. To graduate specialist in agriculture sciences to take their share in developing the different agriculture sectors by giving them different courses and programs to advance their knowledge according to the advance in higher education.
  2. Giving training courses to the people working in agriculture sector to educate them in agriculture sciences ad how to kept the environment clean and to make the agriculture college distinguished in giving experiences in all agriculture sectors.
  3. Doing different researches related to the problems facing the agriculture sectors and the environments to find the solutions to this problem using the modest methods in researches.
  4. To gush the latest technology and agriculture tools to give the students the experience to application their knowledge in there agriculture and increase the production factors to increase the production.
  5. To encourage the scientific research team in agriculture including the general and private sectors to get the support budget. The results of these researches should be applicable can the agriculture sector benefit from them.
  6. To graduate high degree candidates of MSc and PhD ranks to provide the other universities and the agriculture sector wither the private of government sectors.