Educational counseling

Educational Counseling Unit:.

The student is the main focus and goal of the educational process and all efforts seek to form and build his personality. For this purpose, the purpose of establishing the Educational Counseling Unit was to provide support and counseling to students, parents and teachers in the areas of self-development and social and academic skills. The unit works to enhance counseling, improve academic achievement, effective communication, and positive motivation for students, and provide many developmental, preventive, and therapeutic counseling services, whether counseling, educational, or academic.


Vision of the Educational Counseling Unit:

The vision of the Educational Counseling Unit is to provide a supportive and stimulating educational environment that helps students achieve their personal and academic development in a balanced and successful manner. The unit aims to enable students to make correct decisions and develop skills for dealing with difficulties and challenges they may encounter.


Message of the Educational Counseling Unit:

The mission of the Educational Counseling Unit is to provide comprehensive support to students, parents, and teachers by providing educational counseling, counseling, counseling, and psychological and social support. The unit aims to promote positive thinking, build self-confidence, and develop the personal and social capabilities of students, with the aim of enhancing their success and continuity in their academic career.


Objectives of the Educational Counseling Unit:

  1. Promoting counseling and improving students’ academic achievement.
  2. Developing students’ communication, cooperation and social interaction skills.
  3. Boost self-confidence and motivate students to achieve their full potential.
  4. Helping students make correct decisions and develop problem-solving skills.
  5. Providing psychological and social support for students to deal with personal and academic challenges.
  6.  Enhancing communication and cooperation between parents, teachers, and the counseling unit to support student development.
  7.  Providing educational advice to parents and teachers to support students’ education and their personal and academic success.