About the department

Department message:

The Department of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering is one of the formations of the College of Agriculture / University of Basra / Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Republic of Iraq / Basra Governorate It was established with the establishment of the college in 1971 AD with the aim of meeting the need of state institutions and the private sector of specialists to work in the various horticultural sectors and to contribute seriously to advancing the scientific march to Forward through university teaching and scientific research in cooperation with various Iraqi ministries and agricultural and industrial institutions.

The mission of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Engineering is to conduct research and studies that adopt modern knowledge and the use and dissemination of technology in the advanced horticultural fields in order to serve and develop horticultural services and projects in the community.

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We aspire for our department to be in the ranks of horticulture departments in the world and to be a leader in the higher education market in the region due to its legacy and great scientific capabilities, and to be a reference for all students of academic and applied sciences in Iraq and the region. Specialized and qualified horticulturalists to keep pace with the requirements of development plans and the needs of the labor market.

Department goals:

 Upgrading the teaching methods for primary and higher studies by enriching the lectures with the findings of science in the field of specialization and providing them to students through the available clarification means.
 Activating the student's role in research and development through office activity, writing scientific articles within the curriculum and browsing the global Internet as a means to increase knowledge and knowledge in the field of specialization.
 Activating the role of communication with prestigious universities in various countries of the world in the field of specialization, which possess modern technologies in research and scientific development in order to increase knowledge and the necessity of involving graduate students in completing their study requirements and research plans in those universities.
 Applying the department’s future scientific research strategy by addressing the problems and negative cases that appear in orchards and agricultural fields planted in various horticultural plants.
 Not to go too far in projects that cause environmental pollution by using chemicals in excess without tracking their negative impact, which may appear later and after several years of implementing these experiments, in contrast to what appears positive when using natural organic materials in agricultural soil.
 Activating the role of graduation research projects for students of the finished classes in the department through the student's field practice within the study project in the agricultural field.