About Machines Department

About the department:

The Department of Agricultural Machinery and Machinery is one of the departments of the College of Agriculture / University of Basra. It was established in 987 - 1988 with the aim of providing state departments and institutions with cadres capable of manufacturing, repairing, maintaining and managing agricultural machines of all kinds. The Agricultural Machinery and Machinery Department is considered one of the scientific departments of a mechanical nature, so the department works by graduating a scientific cadre specialized in the design and manufacture of machines, pullers and various agricultural equipment such as machines that are used for deep plowing and opening troughs under the surface of the soil, as well as seeding machines that suit the conditions of the southern region, in addition to studying the performance of tractors. field to determine the best performance and the least amount of fuel consumption in proportion to the conditions of the region, as well as studying the performance of agricultural machinery and its impact on the production of field crops, which contribute to the development of agricultural production in the country. High skills and advanced scientific experience in their field of work. The department also provides scientific and practical services to farmers and peasants in how to use and maintain various agricultural machinery in the field to contribute to the service and development of agricultural services and projects in the community, as well as the department’s contribution to providing the university with a teaching cadre specialized in pullers, equipment and various agricultural machinery, in order to ensure of which to contribute Seriousness in pushing the scientific process forward. At present, the department includes different types of agricultural machines and machines of different origins, in addition to many plows and machines for different purposes manufactured within the department for the purpose of training students on them and increasing their ability to work on these types of agricultural and mechanical machines. The number of students in this department for the four stages is 130 students, with an average of 40 students accepted annually. The department includes a workshop for preliminary studies and another workshop for postgraduate studies equipped with machines, machines and tools for the purpose of teaching students in addition to laboratories such as the laboratory of engines, thermals, physics and soil mechanization research. The department is linked with other scientific departments in the college and university in the implementation of research projects for graduate students (Masters and PhD) with the aim of integrating scientific research and study projects.

Department Vision:

Become an accredited educational research educational institution that occupies a leading position in the production and promotion of knowledge related to the sustainable development of human and agricultural resources on a local and global scale, especially in the field of use and design of agricultural machinery and machinery, which is the mainstay in the development of the agricultural sector.

Department Message:

Providing scientific and practical programs for students of the department and for any beneficiary in the branches of agricultural machinery and machinery that he needs to compete in the labor market, in addition to developing agricultural machinery to serve the conditions of the region, which are characterized by requirements different from other regions of Iraq.