Food Sciences

History : The department was established in 1987 in order to:
Qualifying the students in both of the theoretical and practical aspects to provide suitable opportunities for them into the labor markets.
Boosting up the capabilities of academic staff in terms of the skills and experiences.
Conducting the scientific researches in various domains to solve the agricultural problems.
Transferring the knowledge by contacting with the institutions and associations concerning agriculture.
Encouraging the activities and creativity of the scientific and cultural for the academic and technical staff.
Applying the quality criteria and insuring its.
Vision :
The department is to become an accredited institution in terms of teaching, research, consultation and occupy a leading position in producing and transferring of the knowledge that related to sustainable development of the human and agricultural skills and experiences, in both of the national and international levels, focusing on the designing of agricultural machinery which are the hub for developing the agricultural sector in Iraq.
Mission :
The most important message of the department is to offer theoretical and practical courses to undergraduate students and other interested farmers, persons, or foundations which get the benefit from the services of the agricultural machines and equipment department, emphasizing the competition in the labor markets, as well as, the development of agricultural machines and making urgent modifications for the machines to match up with the special requirements of our environments in Basrah.

Phone number

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