University of Basrah hold a symposium on the harms of drugs

On Tuesday, 11/14/2023, a symposium was held at the College of Agriculture on the harms of drugs under the title Disorders of Drug Addicts from a Psychological, Economic, and Social Point of View and Methods of Treatment, in which both Dr. Abbas Jumaa Hamdan, Director of the Drug Unit at the Al-Zahraa College of Medicine, and Dr. Abdul Karim, lectured. Zayer Al-Mawzani, Director of the Human Development Unit at the Presidency of the University of Basra, Professor Muhannad Hassan Saadoun, Director of the Public Relations and Media Division in the Basra Drug Directorate, and Dr. Fatima Ali Hassan, College of Agriculture. The lecture touched on general statistics about the number of drug addicts globally and the number of deaths resulting from abuse and types Drugs and the causes of their abuse, symptoms of addiction cases, according to the type of drug used, and methods of treating them. Dr. Abbas also pointed out that there is a specialized consultation for treating addiction cases in Al-Fayhaa Hospital, supervised by specialist writers from the University of Basra. The second lecture touched on the legal articles stipulated in the Iraqi constitution regarding the penalties for drug trafficking and abuse. And the role of society in combating this dangerous scourge that has begun to spread in the governorate because it is a border governorate. The third lecture touched on methods of behavioral treatment, not pharmaceutical ones, through which the disorders suffered by drug addicts can be alleviated, with reference to some of the cases that have been treated, and the fourth lecture referred to Narcotic plants and their harmful effects, as well as some aqueous extracts of some plants that contain narcotic substances that may lead to addiction. At the end of the symposium, the floor was opened for questions and the lecturers were honored by the Deanship of the College with certificates of appreciation.