Basra University opens one of its pioneering laboratories

The College of Agriculture at the University of Basra announced the opening of the (Pioneer Food Applications Laboratory) of the Food Research and Consumer Protection Laboratories / College of Agriculture on Wednesday 2-6-2021 in the presence of the Honorable President of Basra University (Prof. The respected College of Agriculture (Prof. Sajid Saad Hassan Al-Nour), the head of the esteemed Food Sciences Department (Prof. Dr. Wasan Kazem Abdul Razzaq), the Food Research Laboratory and Consumer Protection Officer (Prof. Diaa Faleh Abdullah) and a number of University and college council members. Dr. Ali Khudair Al-Rikabi, who is directly responsible for the work of the laboratory, explained that the goal of the laboratory is to carry out pioneering research work related to scientific research on milk and its products, as well as the possibility of producing some dairy products of nutritional and health value, including cheese, fermented dairy products and milk ice, in addition to Ensuring the extent to which imported and local foods conform to international and Iraqi standards through the possibility of conducting more than 40 laboratory tests related to dairy and dairy products in order to preserve the health of the Iraqi consumer. He also explained that the laboratory includes basins for heating, cooling and pasteurization, as well as a special device for the manufacture of mozzarella cheese and a device for filling yogurt, as well as a model room for fermented dairy products and a special wing for laboratory testing.